If Bananas are defined as being total, complete and helpless crushes then Richard Hawley is perhaps the ultimate Banana.

I (MJ) fell in love with this Banana in 2006 when I heard his album, Coles Corner for the first time.  I have been addicted to his voice ever since and he is one of the few artists of whom I own EVERYTHING he has ever recorded.

When LN and I discovered that an uninspring day in our shitty job could be made beautiful with the simple addition of Headphones, I would often, as evening shadows fade, turn to my true love, as Richard himself says.

I’m one of those people that tend not to recommend things to other people, just cus it is so very hit and miss,  However, one day I was listening to Valentine by Richard and I just thought, I’m sure that LN would love this, and so I sent her the link.

The rest is history, she is now as hopelessly and crazily in love with Richard as I am.

Just look at this instant message she sent me for proof: “OMG this man makes love to me with his voice. I can’t stop listening to him.”  And my reply: “We are clearly talking about Richard?! I am actually in love him.  I have a crush purely because of his voice.”

In conclusion: Richard = the ultimate (and shared) Banana of all time.