We silently liked each other.
I felt it since day 1. I have a vibe about him liking me, but ignored it
I met him at a bar, one night out with my co-workers and never had the
chance to actually talk to him.

Months went by, and I knew nothing about him, just that he worked at my same company.
But he stayed in my mind.

Months later we met again at that same bar, very close to our office.
Seeing him there, sitting across me, his fixed blue eyes shyly staring at me
made me melt myself down the chair. All I wanted was to meet him properly.

After most of my co-workers had left the bar,
It was just us two at that 10 people table,
he made a sign to move next to him
And without thinking, I did.
We started a conversation which I don’t recall.
All I could pay attention to was his closeness and his clear blue eyes.
Conversation lasted 5 minutes and my taxi arrived to take me home.

He asked me to stay longer
My friends waiting at the cab.
I had to leave, again without knowing much about him.
Just having the chance to have his bright blue eyes very close to me.