Even if your office is based in a really uninspiring place (and it probably is, they do that on purpose), taking a break time walk will always make you feel better about your shitty job.

And this man – RICHARD LONG – has even made taking a walk into an art:

(Taken from Richard Long: TIME AND SPACE at the Arnolfini, Bristol)

Walking is central to Long’s work as a way of perceiving and recording landscape; early in his career he established the precedent that art could be a journey and that a sculpture could be deconstructed over the distance of a journey. His beguilingly simple works use raw materials such as stones and driftwood, found along the way. These works are often simple interventions, marks of passage. Often these works leave little or no trace and works are documented through photographs or text works that record his ideas, observations and experiences.

“They are a sort of simple celebration of the place, like its stones, or the horizon, or the mist, and of me being there, at that particular time, possibly never to pass that way again. I sometimes think of these works as songs. I have said that a sculpture can be as far as the eye can see, meaning the stones can be aligned to a feature on the horizon, for example, or a passing cloud, at that moment, in relation to the viewer.” Richard Long, 2014

Walking as a medium has enabled the artist to articulate ideas about time and space. He seeks a freedom of movement and expression, and a balance with the natural world though a physical and personal engagement with the land, working with nature to reflect its impermanence and the changing processes of time. These often remote works made in the landscape feed the imagination. In the gallery, sculptures and mud works feed the senses directly.