In the middle of our work day. A new request comes in, John de Ganna, working at Answers Quest, will innocently provide is, a perfect day laugh. A man without ganas but with answers.

We (as in this space’s Managers) have always had this passionate appreciation towards the word ganas, ’cause in English there is no such word. If we were obliged to define it, it’d be something like ‘not in the mood of’. So out of this guy’s name and job, we developed his ‘new’ life.

“Seems like the perfect guy for me” says MJ after I send her this man’s peculiar name and company. “I want to marry him so I can take his name!!”

Well, that would certainly be an interesting man to marry. He has answers to everything -from the banal to the existential-. No matter what your question is about, he knows the answer. He works on this!

MJ: “He has all the answers!! The perfect husband!”

“Or… the worst…if you think about it, cause he knows it all”. Oh yes, John de Ganna could really, without effort, make your life miserable with his constant perfect and not-so-perfect answers towards everything.

MJ: “Oh yeah – could backfire…. “Darling – do you know where the clitoris is?” Answer: “Of course dear!”

“HAHAHAHHAHAHA” And this is where I prove my point…”John Dear, If you know then… how come…???
I don’t cum?” Ugh, no. That can’t be right. It would be useless to have a man with answers.

“Darling – I think that all great Literature was written before 1900 – don´t you?”
Answer: “No, I disagree – the greatest work of fiction ever written was 50 Shades of Grey”
“This is Bad!  Yin and yang innit?”

“jajajjajaja totally!” If we are sincere enough.. he wouldn’t match your likes, he would just have answers. Worst!
AMERICAN ANSWERS. FUCK NO!!! I’m thinking John is more of a nightmare than a lovely husband.