Sometimes you don’t need any outside stimulus in order to start a day dream.  This day dream was born out of feeling already dreamy, in part due to a hangover and in part due to needing very much to escape somewhere else for a little while.

I am walking towards the office one ordinary day, actually, it is not an ordinary day, it is worst than an ordinary day: it is a day with clouds, clouds that suggest that even beyond the clouds, there is more grey and cloudy sky, beyond, beyond until we are out of the earth’s atmosphere.  

I walk into the building and up to my desk.  My desk is clean and polished because the day before I had taken a day off and so the cleaner was able to clean it well in my absence.  I feel rested because of this day off, but also less like working than normal.  This day off was a random Wednesday and so I have to battle with the knowledge that I have two more full days until the weekend.

I am unpacking my things and getting ready to start the day not with a heavy heart, but not too light either.  A middle-management looking man walks up to me, he is wearing a beige suite and is middle-aged: everything about him is middling.  He tells me his name and says that the day before he had received a phone call about me, that he represents some kind of customer relationship initiative.  A customer had contacted him to tell him that I had helped them enormously in something one day the week before.  However, not in something related to the job, nothing practical, but instead I had made them feel better and happier about something very deep and fundamental to their life.  I had touched them somehow.  He has come to congratulate me.  I am moved and everyone nearby who has heard this news looks at me in a loving way because I have helped a fellow human being feel slightly less alone in the world, slightly less terrified of their own insignificance and (suspected) worthlessness.

For the rest of the day, there is a glow near to where the middling, middle-aged man in the beige suit had stood to give his news.  It radiates out, and for that day everyone in the office and everyone who those people come into contact with feel a warmth and a connection with the energy and the atoms and the vibrations that make us all up.  For one day only we are all under the same consoling blanket.