Of course we already knew that kindness was important, it is a universally acknowledged truth that kindness is essential in all walks of life, y punto.  However, that it is a universally acknowledged truth doesn’t always make it any easier to put it into practice.  As my Mum always says: “People need your love the most when they deserve it the least.”  This phrase could have been written in honour of this shitty job, as daily we face people whose gripes, moans, niggles are … well, kind of ridiculous.  However, as I said to LN the other day: “No matter how stupid the requests I do always care that they feel shitty, cus it isn’t nice to feel shitty even if the reason for feeling shitty is shitty, hahahaha”. And of course I’m not saying we are saintly by any means, we get annoyed, frustrated, irritated, irrational and swear a lot, but having to put kindness into practice every single day and, moreover, seeing what a difference it makes when you treat even the most whiny of people with kindness – seeing how you can turn their mood around – helps us to remember the importance of it.  Finally, being forced to put kindness into practice everyday hopefully means we are kinder in general, in real life and in our shitty jobs.