Late one night, at that time when you are feeling tired because it is very nearly the time to call it a day and go home to your real life, a call came in from Viking Sewing Machines. We let our tired minds wander and we set sail on a day dream of bearded thugs with a secret penchant for beautiful clothes….

*background noise of a dozen sewing machines rattling away busily*

“Hey, hey, hey – Bob. Bob!  Have you got the seam ripper? I just sewed this lining to the front of the dress instead of the back. Honestly, I don’t know where my head is today!”

Bob looks across the ship’s filthy hold where remnants from last night´s feast are rolling around the floor beneath the sewing tables.

“You are a silly billy sometimes Archibald, you need to be more patient, then you wouldn’t make so many mistakes.”

Archibald hands the seam ripper to Bob.

“I know Archie, but I’m just so excited about having this new outfit to wear to the next Rape ‘n’ Pilage that I want to make sure that it is finished in time”

Archie and Bob look up suddenly, as a ruckus breaks out by some of the other sewing tables.

“What’s going on guys?!” Bob asks.

“Oh, it’s just that Vince and I both wanted to use the same seersucker for this waistcoat, but I think it suits me best and that the poplin would suit Vince’s shape better.”

Just then a kitten scampers across the floor and momentarily distracts the Vikings. The Vikings then look at each other confusedly as if to say ‘what were we taking about?’ Then laugh and go back to their work.