We’ve defined Bananas (for obvious reasons that need no further explanation, you are clever enough to figure it out if you work at an office), as the office crushes you have for someone.

You don’t necessarily know them, have even met them (or want to), they are just worth a look.  We have clocked up quite a few in our time; from the strange to the beautiful.

Bananas are an excellent way to exercise the imagination.  Go on – immerse yourself in daydream about someone at work, you won’t regret it … unless you get drunk at a work party and tell them.


So – we have our Bananas, however we have also been other people’s Bananas.

Most large companies have an in-house messaging system which is used ostensibly for oiling the wheels of commerce.  However in our experience, it is used more frequently for pulling.

Here are some stories of the times we have been hit on at work…