We are lucky enough to live in a sunny country, as well as a country that approves of drinking at lunch time.  Therefore, one way to stay sane and inspired is to take -from time to time- lunch breaks that involve alcohol.

HowToSurviveAnOfficeJob_Lunchtime Canas

We did just this one sunny afternoon and were sitting in the sun enjoying our caña or three when our boss walked past. He was perturbed, although we aren’t sure if it was because he wanted to join us, or because he disapproved.

Whichever it was, when we arrived back to work happy and relaxed he was waiting for us in the corridor outside our office to soltar una reprimenda.  Apparently we were late, but we think he was just jelly.

However, this hasn’t stopped us and, as we said to each other at the time, we would rather have had a fun and sunny lunch break and been told off, than to have stayed on the right side of our boss, but not had had such a lovely time.