As we work until 11pm, which is to say, way after the rest of the building has emptied out for the day, we have started leaving poems and notes around the office. This one we left in the toilet and it stayed there all the whole next day! We also left a “¡Que tengas un lindo día!” on the desk of a shy colleague to greet him the next morning, and a “Bon Appetit!” on the canteen microwave.

We like to think they make people smile and brighten their shitty day just a little

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Deposited in the first floor toilets
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This was our second offering. The Great Gatsby in Spanish! LN overheard quite a conversation about this one! —- LN: As I went for a wee today. I overheard a conversation between two co-workers talking about some anonymous post-its. I started asked them: What are you talking about? -Some post-its I’ve been finding around the office, this is the third I encounter”. With a confused face I asked: “What are you talking about?”. She guided me inside the toilet room and showed me this note. With my best actress’ habilities as replied: “Who does these?” -” I dunno, I just keep on finding them around” -Well, it’s nice, and left the room.
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We left this one in the canteen, on the bright green wall, to remind all those having their lunch not to kill themselves because of the shittiness of their jobs! This too shall pass, we are telling them- Hang in there for better things!
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Something to get you through the day until bedtime

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