After some people moving around at our office, we lost a great catch we had and had to spend some time looking for someone new. It took our boss some time, we are quite a particular group, but ended up finding him, and as a welcome gift we decorated his desk with:

Howtosurviveanofficejob_Pranks-Jokes-LovelyThings (7)

As if that wasn’t enough. We added a post it “Do I make you Randy?” and kept on changing the days or the messages every day for the first week.

Howtosurviveanofficejob_Pranks-Jokes-LovelyThings (2)Howtosurviveanofficejob_Pranks-Jokes-LovelyThings (4)Howtosurviveanofficejob_Pranks-Jokes-LovelyThings (3)