Most of the time, we want things to go our way. There is no absolute way that is happening. So focus on the present, be thankful for what you have (no matter what that is) and accept things as they are. What does this mean? Things you cannot change, don’t even bother consider complaining about. You can’t change your work schedule? your boss? your colleagues? the dull tasks you are responsible for? No matter what your list is about, don’t waste your precious energy on complaints, rather spent it onto something joyful and fruitful.

Take not of some of our tips:

-Don’t let other’s attitudes bring you down, work on the things you need for yourself.

-Don’t complain about your schedule, work towards it.

-Give thanks for the place you work at, after all you have a job.

-Appreciate your co-workers and all the help you get from them even without noticing.

-Value the working and learning opportunity you are getting by being on this job, either cus you are paying your bills, being able to eat, travel or raise your kids or developing professionally.

-Congratulate yourself for all you have accomplished, for being at this job, for having this opportunity, for being such a great person, or for trying hard on being one.