There are many, many things that I love about Madrid and Spain.  There are the tangibles, that before moving here I knew I was going to love and that would improve my quality of life, then there are the intangibles, that I cannot quantify.  In addition, there are the things that I never expected, but that are now amongst my favourite things about this magnificent place.

I have a fringe.  I have had a fringe nearly my whole life, it’s my thing, my look (such as it is).  Anyone with a fringe will know that this is a love/hate relationship.  There is a fine line between a fringe looking gorgeous, and looking awful, and sometimes that line can be crossed de la noche a la mañana.  Monday evening you are congratulating yourself on how good you look, Tuesday morning you cannot stand to look in the mirror: all due to the fringe.

When I lived in the UK, my fringe ruled my life.  My hairdresser was super expensive and I could only afford to go to her around two or three times a year.  She would provide a free fringe trim in-between cuts, but this wasn’t really a sufficient amount to keep me looking my best.  I would have to meticulously share them out across the year and consequently spent a lot of my time feeling ugly.

Imagine my total and complete delight, then, when I discovered The Very Best Thing About Spain: THE HAIRDRESSERS HERE WILL CUT YOUR FRINGE FOR YOU WHENEVER YOU WANT IT AND NOT MAKE YOU HAVE A WHOLE HAIR CUT – AND IT DOESN’T EVEN HAVE TO BE YOUR OWN HAIRDRESSER!  For three little euritos every five weeks, my life has been transformed!

So, when trying to make the most of my time in this shitty job, one of my favourite break-time jaunts is to walk up to the nearby high-street, where there is one of these magical places, and have my fringe trimmed.  I leave for my break feeling disgusting and I return feeling like a champion.