My mom used to say: “There’s always a better way of saying the exact same thing”. Her comment had to do with my attitude, as as a kid my ways were, without even noticing, kind of rude.

It took me a lot of years to figure out what she meant, but all it referred to was saying the same things with some love and kindness in them. She was right. Nobody likes to listen to rude words. At this job, I’ve realized how much more you achieve by saying things in a better way.

No one likes to hear bad news, but if there is no other option, my recommendation is: Give the good news first. It will help people calm down, get a positive reaction towards what you are saying to then be a little more open about the bad news. And always try your best. You can’t always help people. You don’t have enough information, the right tools, or -within a company- maybe you are not entitled to. Well, either way, bring the best out of you and share all you can.

Helping people is a lot more rewarding than we are imagine. You don’t get the feeling until you’ve helped a lot of people, but give it a try, it’s easy and completely fulfilling.