Juanita Banana

I think we just attract Bananas everywhere, so we are just sharing them with y’all




Bananas at the bar

We are getting quite popular among bananas!

The bar is probably the easiest place to meet them properly. The office can then be the reminder to having beers again, or the disgrace of bumping into them again and again without any actual purpose (just cus they are there).

Our boss, who’s been here long enough and knows everyone -or almost- around us has invited us to the bar cus some boys from the office have been requesting our presence there to meet the girls that have their breaks at the park while they are footballing. Very flattering! probably even more when you are working in a place like this one. Nothing bad about it really, just not encouraging and pretty enough. So well, having someone nice to stare at within the work space is pretty exciting.

So well, you’ll hear some stories about the bananas we’ve met there.


Love in the Elevator


This is dedicated to all those Bananas that you pass in the corridor, meet in the lift, wash your cup next to in the cafeteria that you fall in love with, and then never clap eyes on again.


You are waiting for the lift together, the day outside is sunny, it is Friday – all the correct ingredients for a power-crush.  He has curly hair, a gorgeous nose and an intriguing accent, as the lift ascends from the bottom to the top floor you talk about the fact that you both would like to be having a caña instead of working.  He holds the office door open for you and you smile warmly at each other as you pass through his open arms.  You go to your desk with the sunshine of his smile still upon you, confident you will cross paths again soon, but you never ever see him again.


Who are these Bananas?  Perhaps they are ghost crushes, conjured up by the beauty of the day.  Maybe they don’t even work in the same building, they just wandered in for the hell of it.  They could even be thieves, or terrorists, or homeless.  Maybe they just came to fix the drains.  Whatever it is, and whoever they are, we love them all the same.


Ghost Bananas: you make our trips in lifts and our skips down corridors that bit more gorgeous: you brighten the day in this shitty job.



More recommended listening in Headphones


Real life banana

It was a night like any other. Or so I thought…

I went out with a couple of friends, and there he was: a banana. A real life BANANA. I HAD to take a picture of him for this space to prove, bananas exist in real life!


HowToSurviveAnOfficeJob_ Bananas_In_The_Wild5

Banana Man

Bananas Close to the Heart

You can even wear your bananas if you wish!  We think this lucky lady has been keeping count of all her bananas on her blouse…


Banana Pillow


How about sleeping with good company?

A Banana might work 😉


HowToSurviveAnOfficeJob_Bananas_in_the_Wild (2)

A few of our Banana finds out of the office. We are obviously not going to reveal any actual man’s identity in this space.

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