Bananas in the wild

Juanita Banana

I think we just attract Bananas everywhere, so we are just sharing them with y’all



Real life banana

It was a night like any other. Or so I thought…

I went out with a couple of friends, and there he was: a banana. A real life BANANA. I HAD to take a picture of him for this space to prove, bananas exist in real life!


HowToSurviveAnOfficeJob_ Bananas_In_The_Wild5

Banana Man

Bananas Close to the Heart

You can even wear your bananas if you wish!  We think this lucky lady has been keeping count of all her bananas on her blouse…


Banana Pillow


How about sleeping with good company?

A Banana might work 😉


HowToSurviveAnOfficeJob_Bananas_in_the_Wild (2)

A few of our Banana finds out of the office. We are obviously not going to reveal any actual man’s identity in this space.

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