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Manager’s Office

Unlike some other manager’s offices, here we DO work. We take time to find enjoyable things on everyday life. Those tiny details that make life gorgeous if you are able to find them.

Take a look at our CVs so you can evaluate our experience on everything else but finding beautiful in the mundane.


Code of conduct


*This office space is created and updated entirely by us, during the spare working time we have.

*The pictures are all original, and taken by us during our one hour break (free time)

*All the stories here exposed have occurred during our working hours or free periods.


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Responsible for this space:

MJ and LN

(Keeping our identities under cover for security reasons)

Don’t doubt to contact us for all sorts of questions, ideas, or hirements


LN and MJ will be teaching a class based on this blog called, The Art of Surviving Work on the 26th March 2016 in Madrid.

Full details here!


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