Banana Playlist

Feeling madly in love? Secretly flirty? Horny?

For any of those, check out our Special Banana Playlist to cheer you up!

  1. Peels – Juanita Banana

2. Harry Belafonte – Banana Boat Song

3. Grupo Banana – Más que amiga





Love in the Elevator (or, Lift – if you are British)

The soundtrack to all those Ghost Bananas that you encounter and never re-encounter


I fancy the fuck out of you

This has to be the song to play in your head when giving your Banana the eyes across the office.

Such classic lines as: “I fancy the fuck out of you, fuck fuckety fuck, what the fuck can I do? You’re fucking all round, there’s nowhere to hide, you’re making me want to commit suicide” sums it up nicely we think!

Stand Up

Chill out music to relax at work

This song was extraordinarily linked to my Black, Gold and Blue Banana

Ray Lamontagne

This man just blows me away with his voice!

I had never heard her before. She was almost like an angel that appeared by my desk one night. I have this feeling that she elevates my soul with her music, and this is why I’m sharing.

Enjoy Wolf Larsen!

Richard Hawley

The ultimate song from our ultimate crush!

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