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The most important factor in keeping those creative juices flowing (and also for surviving) in an uninspiring environment is to throw your head back and laugh heartily as much as possible, and there are surprising sources of laughs in an office job.

Explore and you will find out…!


Gifts at the Metro

On the way to work on the Metro one day MJ found, quite by chance, two suggestions on how to live one’s life:

Howtosurviveanofficejob_Pranks-Jokes-LovelyThings (8)

As we work until late at night, we decided that once everyone had gone home that these little pieces of advice should be distributed at random, onto randon desks – who knows, they might just hit the spot.

We are being vigilent for changes in our colleagues…

X-MAS Gift

Some other random day around Christmas we decided to grant our colleague a set of balls. Below a picture of our x-mas gift and his new…

Howtosurviveanofficejob_Pranks-Jokes-LovelyThings (1)

set of bollocks

Welcome to newbies


After some people moving around at our office, we lost a great catch we had and had to spend some time looking for someone new. It took our boss some time, we are quite a particular group, but ended up finding him, and as a welcome gift we decorated his desk with:

Howtosurviveanofficejob_Pranks-Jokes-LovelyThings (7)

As if that wasn’t enough. We added a post it “Do I make you Randy?” and kept on changing the days or the messages every day for the first week.

Howtosurviveanofficejob_Pranks-Jokes-LovelyThings (2)Howtosurviveanofficejob_Pranks-Jokes-LovelyThings (4)Howtosurviveanofficejob_Pranks-Jokes-LovelyThings (3)

Go for a Prank


This wasn’t a prank that we played, but one I accidentally topar-ed with on the way to the loo.  A very sweet, young boy stopped me and asked nervously if I knew where to find a Mrs Gofora-Dump. “She is a manager and I have to see her urgently”, he said, anxiously.  I said I didn’t know her, but there was a second large office on the same floor and perhaps she was there.

I then went off to the loo, thinking ‘that is a funny surname, I should tell LN so we can add it to the Wall of Name’.  What was her first name, I wondered to myself?  And then it swam into view in my mind’s eye that the letter had said Mrs, “Anita Gofora-Dump” and that he had been summoned for an ’emergency debriefing’.  I laughed out loud to myself, and felt a little ashamed that my finely honed 12 year old boy’s sense of humour had not allowed me to realise straight away that he was being pranked.

Happily, I happened to bump into him again on my way out of the toilet, although unhappily, not before he had been all around the whole floor telling people “Anita Gofora-Dump”. I told him that I thought someone was messing with him, unfortunately he wasn’t familiar with the term “dump” and so it was left to me to explain that colourful term before he shuffled confusedly off.

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