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Give the good news first

My mom used to say: “There’s always a better way of saying the exact same thing”. Her comment had to do with my attitude, as as a kid my ways were, without even noticing, kind of rude.

It took me a lot of years to figure out what she meant, but all it referred to was saying the same things with some love and kindness in them. She was right. Nobody likes to listen to rude words. At this job, I’ve realized how much more you achieve by saying things in a better way.

No one likes to hear bad news, but if there is no other option, my recommendation is: Give the good news first. It will help people calm down, get a positive reaction towards what you are saying to then be a little more open about the bad news. And always try your best. You can’t always help people. You don’t have enough information, the right tools, or -within a company- maybe you are not entitled to. Well, either way, bring the best out of you and share all you can.

Helping people is a lot more rewarding than we are imagine. You don’t get the feeling until you’ve helped a lot of people, but give it a try, it’s easy and completely fulfilling.


Accept Things

Most of the time, we want things to go our way. There is no absolute way that is happening. So focus on the present, be thankful for what you have (no matter what that is) and accept things as they are. What does this mean? Things you cannot change, don’t even bother consider complaining about. You can’t change your work schedule? your boss? your colleagues? the dull tasks you are responsible for? No matter what your list is about, don’t waste your precious energy on complaints, rather spent it onto something joyful and fruitful.

Take not of some of our tips:

-Don’t let other’s attitudes bring you down, work on the things you need for yourself.

-Don’t complain about your schedule, work towards it.

-Give thanks for the place you work at, after all you have a job.

-Appreciate your co-workers and all the help you get from them even without noticing.

-Value the working and learning opportunity you are getting by being on this job, either cus you are paying your bills, being able to eat, travel or raise your kids or developing professionally.

-Congratulate yourself for all you have accomplished, for being at this job, for having this opportunity, for being such a great person, or for trying hard on being one.


Make lemonade

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” is quite a cheesy line, but is one of the easiest to follow. Why struggle over life when things are given to you naturally? We are just too afraid to let go because it would mean to resign to some of our ideas or lifestyles. Neither me nor MJ have studied and worked hard to have a shitty job in a big company. We are capable of cooking a whole meal menu and we are here making lemonade? Oh yes! And certainly one of the best! Being here is deffo one of the biggest, greatest things that has happened to us in many ways: having the opportunity to have a job in a foreign country in crisis, meeting each other, creating this space, having a gorgeous boss and work group, enjoying paid vacations and free time during work. How in this world would this have happened if we wouldn’t have accepted to make lemonades?

The importance of kindness

Of course we already knew that kindness was important, it is a universally acknowledged truth that kindness is essential in all walks of life, y punto.  However, that it is a universally acknowledged truth doesn’t always make it any easier to put it into practice.  As my Mum always says: “People need your love the most when they deserve it the least.”  This phrase could have been written in honour of this shitty job, as daily we face people whose gripes, moans, niggles are … well, kind of ridiculous.  However, as I said to LN the other day: “No matter how stupid the requests I do always care that they feel shitty, cus it isn’t nice to feel shitty even if the reason for feeling shitty is shitty, hahahaha”. And of course I’m not saying we are saintly by any means, we get annoyed, frustrated, irritated, irrational and swear a lot, but having to put kindness into practice every single day and, moreover, seeing what a difference it makes when you treat even the most whiny of people with kindness – seeing how you can turn their mood around – helps us to remember the importance of it.  Finally, being forced to put kindness into practice everyday hopefully means we are kinder in general, in real life and in our shitty jobs.

Chill Out

The company is NOT dying out ’cause you take a longer break or pay attention to something else, like ‘this blog’, for example, nor if you don’t stay extra time. Hell no. Take it easy. Tómatelo con soda. There’s no need for you to worry, it’s not your company, it’s not your money involved, it’s not your business.

Micro cosmos

 Its amazing how you can relate the inner twistings of a company -at least ‘very big’ ones- with the universe. Some rules/processes are never explained, you just learn by osmosis. You figure out many things on your own. Don’t really have much proof you are doing things right until you fucked up sooooo bad that then the shit really hits the fan.


Companies are never perfect. Not even big huge corporations like IBM, Google, Coca-Cola or any other you may imagine. You might think that by being big they would work perfectly fine? Nothing more distant. Many processes, many people, many rules, many ways. Be patient. Things not always get solved easily of quickly.

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