Take your bike to work, a class at the gym, taichi at the park, go for a long fast-paced walk, or just go to the park and get your legs moving. You have 1 free hour and we are sure you can always use then wisely, exercise will relax you and will bring amazing benefits to your life 🙂




Luchtime cañas

After a very long time without being able to take our breaks together, for work rasons, we have finally made it and have celebrated with some cañas on our break 🙂



Discover places

Well used breaks can certainly renew you. They should work as a disconnection to your office job or an opportunity to use time wisely.

During my alone break I decided to open maps and see what parks I had near our office. Parks are places I often go to relax, take a break, or escape from the everyday stress and responsibilities. I would’ve never thought I had this gorgeous park a 10-15 min walk away. I’m sharing some pics from my lovely walks…

Parque Quinta de los Molinos (Calle de Alcalá, 527). Metro Suanzes

Free time

Breaks are nothing else but free time you should use to vent, get inspired or relax from your job responsibilities. Some of us, I’d even think most of us, don’t really take it as such. We just miss-spend it having lunch with colleagues.

Be careful with invites that will set you on top of the social pyramid but won’t let you enjoy yourself and get inspired. We tend to say yes to social reunions, events, coctails, bars and all sorts of social offerings just to feel ‘in’ or part of a group. If you don’t really feel like going, don’t. Put down all invitations that don’t bring inspiration to your life, and you’ll feel so much better.



Lunchtime Cañas

We are lucky enough to live in a sunny country, as well as a country that approves of drinking at lunch time.  Therefore, one way to stay sane and inspired is to take -from time to time- lunch breaks that involve alcohol.

HowToSurviveAnOfficeJob_Lunchtime Canas

We did just this one sunny afternoon and were sitting in the sun enjoying our caña or three when our boss walked past. He was perturbed, although we aren’t sure if it was because he wanted to join us, or because he disapproved.

Whichever it was, when we arrived back to work happy and relaxed he was waiting for us in the corridor outside our office to soltar una reprimenda.  Apparently we were late, but we think he was just jelly.

However, this hasn’t stopped us and, as we said to each other at the time, we would rather have had a fun and sunny lunch break and been told off, than to have stayed on the right side of our boss, but not had had such a lovely time.

Tot up your time off

Wee-water-coffee-tea: repeat this to yourself on a regular basis. Make sure you are taking advantage of all these reasons (and more) to leave your desk.

And never – under any circumstances – go for a wee, water, tea or coffee during a legal break, that is just a waste of your precious time.


HowToSurviveAnOfficeJob_TotUpYourBreaks (5)HowToSurviveAnOfficeJob_TotUpYourBreaks (4)


HowToSurviveAnOfficeJob_TotUpYourBreaks (3)HowToSurviveAnOfficeJob_TotUpYourBreaks (7)


HowToSurviveAnOfficeJob_TotUpYourBreaks (2)HowToSurviveAnOfficeJob_TotUpYourBreaks (1)


 HowToSurviveAnOfficeJob_TotUpYourBreaks (8)

Repeat throughout the day

Enjoy nature

Going for a walk let’s you enjoy these gorgeous things our world has everyday for us…

Like this amazing sunset which makes the tree look like it is fumingly angry!


Mediterranean Burgers


A lovely Mediterranean Terrace of one of the houses
A lovely Mediterranean Terrace of one of the houses
A teeny tiny burger

Cafés Pozo

The best coffee in Madrid is -on our opinion- Cafés Pozo

He had a great find on one of our walks around the neighborhood where we work. Aa few blocks away we have this coffee/tea/pastry shop 🙂



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