Wise Investments

The Moody Blues

Turn an uninspiring notebook into a swirling sea, or flower petals, or whatever your imagination tells you it sees…




A Sunset over Paper Pyramids

Travel in your mind when you can’t physically.

Flipping pages, we hiked through dusty passes with the girls, stopping every now and then to help them take off their backpacks, placing our hands on their warm, moist shoulders and gazing off at papaya sunsets. We drank tea with them in a water pavilion, among blazing goldfish. We did whatever we wanted to do, and Cecilia hadn’t killed herself: she was a bride in Calcutta, with a red veil and the soles of her feet dyed with henna

(Jeffrey Eugenides, The Virgin Suicides)




Can you guess what we were day dreaming of when we doodled this?


What can one do with one’s precious time whilst on the phone to someone who is screaming abuse at you for no good reason?  Or perhaps just boring you half to death?

The answer is easy, folks! Doodle!!  That is a wise investment of time and creativity.

Like everything on this blog, these pictures have been created with whatever we can find around us in the office.  In this way, we make something shitty into something beautiful.


Light as a Feather

One day we’ll fly away, away from here


20160226_211153_resized Wise_Investments_Doodle_4


This beautiful work of biro-tapestry was the result of one golden (and rare) day when we had casicasicasi nothing to do!

See – there is always something beautiful that can be made from dead time.



A meadow of flowers that grew up around an infertile account number


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